As a teenager, I developed a keen interest in electronic music. The first money I ever earned went straight into instruments and computers, thereby switching from music consumer to producer in 1996. The first tracks I recorded then comprised a broad spectrum of electronic music. In these days, there were more and more illegal techno parties around. Through friends of mine, I got acquainted with these and soon, I realised that this is exactly the kind of music that I want to produce.

Moving to Berlin in 2002 seemed like an obligation to me. While making music was more of an intensively pursued hobby so far, it soon demanded more time and devotion besides my work as a craftsman.

In Berlin, I fell in love with DJing. The right kind of connections brought the first bookings about. Therefore a pseudonym was needed as I did not expect to reap any successes under the name “DJ Ronny Krause”, hence the name “Ash Cawlin”. By that name, I have kept on propelling my musical development. Collaborations with labels and with other musicians came on the way and hopefully will so in the future.